To Do: Post a quick blog

So much to do and no time to do it in! Well, that's not entirely true. But it makes for a good excuse as to why I haven't posted for a while. And I really do have a to do list that's a mile long. It's really exciting though. I've discovered that wedding dress shopping for someone my size is NOT easy! *sigh* We'll get it figured out though. Sorry for such a short post when I have so much I could say. Hopefully I'll find some time soon to say more.

I'm engaged!!!

I'm sorry it took me so long to post. I've been very busy. This is what I've been up to:
On Friday morning, Josh, his younger brother Justin, and I left for Salt Lake City. The drive was just as long as usual. That evening we went to a big barbeque with his family and friends, and afterwards the girls crashed at Brittany's and the boys went to Brandon's.
The next day Josh, Nicole, Justin, Brandon and I went exploring downtown Salt Lake. We went to the Gateway mall and got a bit of a sunburn. Then we went to temple square. And we ended up in front of the reflection pool. Josh told me later that ever since he was young, he has wanted to propose by the reflection pool. And he did. First he pulled out a black velvet ring box and said 'If we were a normal couple this is how I would propose to you. ... But we're not. The box is empty.' I opened it, and sure enough - empty ring box. So then he pulled something else out of his pocket and all I could tell was that it was a plastic case. I thought he was going to throw it in the pool and make me go wading for it. But he didn't. He turned it over in his hand and I saw that it was an Apple mouse. I thought that was really cute, but I was still a little bit confused. He got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him. Of course, I said 'yes.' And when I took the mouse from him, I could tell that the ring was inside. So I had to figure out how to open the mouse, and then he slipped the ring on my finger. And the whole time, Nicole was taking lots of pictures. Afterward we went to the Conference Center and took a tour over there. Then we went to lunch at The Pie and then it was time to go to Snowbird.
For those of you I haven't told yet, every summer Josh's extended family has a big family reunion that lasts a week at the Snowbird Resort and they invited me to come too. It's really pretty up here and I've been busy since I got here. But this morning everyone is either playing tennis or swimming except Brittany and I, who are just sitting here with laptops enjoying the wi-fi.
Sorry, I don't have all the pics right now. Next time I see Nicole I'll ask to borrow her camera. For now I'll just take a quick picture of the ring with my laptop camera for Mariesa. You'll get some better pics later.

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