Valentines Day

So Josh and I had a very interesting Valentines Day experience. Josh got us tickets for the Marvin Goldstein concert at 7:30 and he wanted to take me out to dinner at my favorite restaurant before hand. So all day he tried calling Ruby River Steak House to get a reservation, but to no avail. They never answered the phone. Then at 5:30 he tried to walk into Ruby River to get a reservation and he discovered why they weren't answering. They've left St. George. Closed down. Gone. *cry* Now I have to find another favorite steak house. So then he drove around town trying to find some other place to make a reservation, but at that point the lines were all too long and we would've been late for the show. So guess where we went, all dressed up. To Taco Bell. lol. (It sounded nummy to me.) The show was awesome though. I enjoyed it a lot. After the show went to get in the car; the keys were locked in the car. So we said, "oh, no big deal we'll just walk 2 blocks home and get the spare key." There was a problem with that though... the apartment key was also in the car. *sigh* Luckily Josh's mom has a spare car key, so it all worked out. Like I said, it was a very interesting valentines day. But it was all okay becuase Josh got me LOTS of flowers.

(I actually got them all over a 3 day period, not all at once. In case you were wondering.)

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