The Mac Mirror

And there it happened again.... I fell off the face of the earth for a few days. Where did I go? I disappeared into the depths of the CIT Lab. I got an email on Monday last week asking about redoing the mac mirror. I thought it was going to be easy. I was wrong. The way a mirror works is you set up 1 computer EXACTLY the way you want all of them to be. Then you plug it into second computer and create an "image". This second computer then broadcasts (mulit-cast) the image and all the computers that need to receive the image SHOULD see it when you're booting them up. Then you restore the computer to that image and TA-DA 60 computers that look the same. Unfortunately, I was having problems. The computers couldn't see the image being broadcasted, so I had to do a huge work around the probably took 3 times as long. It really was not fun at all. It all got done in the end (except one computer that has failed 5 times now. I think the hard drive might be going bad). But I'm a lot better off than Stephanie right now. She's doing the PCs. We got all new PC computers this year (someone higher up at the college, not in our department, made that decision) and in my opinion it was a waste of money. They are not much of an upgrade from what we had before and in some aspects they're even a downgrade. On top of that the new hardware is being REALLY difficult about mirroring. I would not want her job. I'm sure she's learning a lot while doing it, but it's a lot of stress.
So yeah... that's where I've been: Mirroring Macs.

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