Road Trip

Josh and I went on a road trip today because it was a holiday. Originally we had planned on going to the Grand Canyon because Josh has never been there, but that got changed. We stopped and my parents house on the way out of town and my mom reminded me that the North Rim of the Grand Canyon was probably closed. We called the park and she was right. So we took a slightly different trip.
We went through Zions (it was Josh's first time through the tunnel). Then we went through Glendale and up to Duck Creek, where we had lunch.
This is Kirby shivering next to a large pile of Snow in Duck Creek:
And this is Josh throwing a snowball at Kirby: And this is a little tree we saw on the road, that Josh had to get a picture of:
Continuing on with the trip, we wanted to go up through Brian Head to Parowan and then back down to St. George. Unfortunately the Cedar Breaks road was closed so we just went across to Cedar and then came home. But maybe it was a good thing we the road was closed, because this was Josh's favorite view of the entire trip: (just outside of Dixie National Forest)
Today worked out wonderfully. Our trip was MUCH shorter than the Grand Canyon trip would've been, so we have the rest of the day to do other things. (like posting this.) And we got to see some really amazing sites.


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