An introduction to Josh

Alright, that didn't last long. Here is my post all about Josh.
Josh and I are doing the same bachelors degree and so we are taking a lot of the same classes and that is where I first saw him. Doing a Computer Science degree as a girl means all your classes are filled with boys, so I had a goal to learn as many names as I could. (It's easy for them to remember the name of the only girl in the class.) So then, at a combined choir / band concert, I saw Josh with the choir and I asked Jake Cox what his name was. I was just trying to learn names. While the choirs were singing, he had 2 solos and what I heard was an amazingly gorgeous baritone voice. I decided that if he was that talented of a musician and doing a Computer Science degree at the same time, this was definitely a guy I at least wanted to go on a date with. The next time I saw him in class I told him what a wonderful job he had done and we talked about music for a while. [He plays the piano! :D] Then, at an institute luncheon we sat next to each other and really started talking. I mentioned how silly it was that I was the only girl in some classes and I still had not been asked on a date. And right there he asked me to go out with him on Saturday. He already had a movie in mind and everything. And things just kept going from there. We've been dating now for 7 months and the more I learn about him the more fascinated I become.
Josh is from West Jordon, UT and he served his mission in Florida. When he came home, his family had moved to St. George so he started college at Dixie. [I'm so glad he did, or we might not have met.] He is a wonderful singer and piano player. The rest of his family enjoys music as well, including his younger sister Katie, who is deaf. She sings in her school choir and is learning to play the piano. Mind you, her singing isn't the best, but she tries. Because Katie is deaf, his whole family knows sign language and Josh has been teaching me. That's a lot of fun. Josh is very well-read and knowledgeable in many subjects. He's a genious when it comes to computers and I'm very glad for that. He helps me with my homework all the time and it's totally awesome that we can both make computer jokes and laugh with each other about them. Josh also likes to play games, A LOT. Pick a game; he knows all the rules. He also has an amazing talent for explaining things. Most people only notice it with games. He's always having to explain the rules to someone who's never played and he does a very good job. But if you ever sit down and talk with him for a while you'll notice that the way he describes things is very thorough and understandable. There are a lot of times that I wish I had that talent.
There are so many other things that make Josh an amazing person, but this post is long enough already. I'm sure you'll hear all about them later.


Josh Cook said...

Wow. this guy sounds pretty good. You'll have to let me meet him sometime.

Laura Lynn said...

lol, i know that guy!!!! yep, everything you have said so far is true about your finance.

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