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I'm done! Ok, so not really. I'm finished with the cross-stitching part of my cross-stitch. Now I just have to do the outlines. And that shouldn't take too long (hopefully).

I figured I would post some pictures now even though I'm almost done because it's making me so happy. I've been working on this cross-stitch on and off for almost 2 years. I've had a lot of people tell me that I have a real talent for cross-stitching, but it's my opinion that the only talent involved in this is patience.

I think it looks really nice right now, the way it is. But I can't wait 'til I'm done with the outlines. Then it will look amazing. See, if you look at the closer image of the face, it looks very dull. The outline are really going to make that part look great.

It looks like I'm going to have to find another cross-stitch soon. I was thinking maybe this one.


Heidi's Bric a Brac said...

This is amazing! How are you going to frame or display it?

I changed my blog name to
So change the link.
See you Thurs. This class is going to be great! "I think"!


KirbyLue said...

Yeah... framing it is going to be kinda hard. It's a 13" circle. It's going to need to be a custom frame, I think, so I might ask for that for my birthday.

Lisa N. said...

Patience is right! I did cross stictching in high school and decided my patience was for other things. :) it was fun to see your post on my blog- my blogging world gets bigger adn funner everyday!!

Josh Cook said...

It is absolutely beautiful. . . kinda like you :)
Love you

Mariesa M. said...

I'm still WAITING for pictures!

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